Lockly Secure Lux Mortise in Space Grey

Lockly Secure Lux Mortise in Space Grey

Price: $840.00
Certifications: Grade 2
Compatibility: Alexa, Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Phone Control, Smart Home, Voice Control
Dimensions: 3.6" W, 8.36" H
Requirements: Click here
Warranty: N/A


N/A. We recommend professional installation.


The Secure Lux is Lockly’s most advanced smart lock and allows access in multiple ways. Like the Secure Plus, you’re able to access the lock with your stored fingerprint, Bluetooth enabled phone through the Lockly app, a physical key, as well as an RFID tag.

» Patented anti-peep keypad digits are randomly displayed on the keypad ensuring access codes to be undetectable to intruders after repeated use. Numbers are randomly distributed across 4 buttons, with 3 numbers in each button. Users can press any button showing their number. Location of the numbers are always different every time, making it hard for prying eyes to guess the correct code

» Store up to 18 access codes for family, friends and guests, as well as monitor entry and exit records

» Allows up to 99 registered fingerprints to be used and accepts only actual fingerprints, preventing lifted prints from being used

» Can be accessed by use of RFID card

» The exterior displayed keypad can be locked and switched off using the simple on/off toggle from the inside panel

The offline access code can allow owners to issue access codes, set the allowed access duration, all without Lockly ever connecting to the internet, so in case of power outage, you can still magically and remotely issue access codes without any connection to the web

» Thieves may use improvised wires or other picking tools to access your inside door handle. Prevent them from unlocking your door when this button is activated

» Owners no longer have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. With auto lock enabled, Lockly will automatically re-lock the door based on your customized timing set between 5 – 300 seconds

» Door can be opened with physical backup keys. There is also a 9V battery connection socket for emergency power backup to access the keypad in case your smart lock runs out of battery