Lockly Secure Plus Latch in Satin Nickel

Lockly Secure Plus Latch in Satin Nickel

Price: $300.00
Certifications: CE certified, FCC listed
Compatibility: Alexa, Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Phone Control, Smart Home, Voice Control
Dimensions: 3.6" W, 8.36" H
Power: 4 AA batteries, included
Requirements: Click here
Warranty: N/A


4 AA batteries, included. We recommend professional installation.


The Lockly Secure Plus smart lock is the most advanced smart lock in the world. The patented digital keypad, powered by PIN Genie, displays an always shuffling keypad, where the numbers displayed in a series of 4 buttons and is different every time when you approach the door. While the access code remains the same, the location of where the number is located differs, making it hard for prying eyes to guess what the actual code is. The lock also offers the administrator ability to grant remote access and issue digital keys with specific timed durations, even when the lock isn’t connected to the internet, allowing guests to enter without using a smartphone.

» Highly secure keypad worlds first patented peek-proof keypad, displays an always shuffling set of numbers across 4 buttons and is different every time, so while your access code remains the same, the location of the numbers differs, making it near impossible for prying eyes to guess the correct code

» Convenient keyless entry lock/unlock and manage your door access with your iOS/Android smart phone or by entering a preset access code on the digital keypad, backup physical keys and backup power options included in case of emergencies

» Advanced 3D fingerprint sensor can store up to 99 fingerprints and recognizes only the original fingers scanned, making copied and lifted fingerprints useless

» Zinc alloy built lock with a rust and corrosion resistant finish

» Custom auto lock feature can be set to automatically lock your phone 5-seconds up to 5-minutes after unlocking, making sure your deadbolt is always secured

» Manage your smart lock access, its users and view history from your smartphone anywhere, instantly from your app (compatible with iOS and Android)